UNeed took every day needs like Plumbing or Electricians, Locksmiths or Electrical Appliance Technicians, along with other common household needs, and enrolled them in an App that helps consumers to find, select and contact the most suitable Service Provider to fulfil that need.
Embracing this new dawn of digital Economy, UNeed acts as an aggregator of traditional Service Providers with specific skills to provide the fulfillment of urgent needs. We use resources like geographic positioning, geographic tracking and rating systems to provide security and reliability to the consumer.
The consumer, once introduced the description of the job in hand, can select the provider that best fits is needs regarding distance, cost per hour, skills, rating and above all security. All providers are presented with a picture as a way of recognition.


La proposta di affiliazione

Uneed's expansion model is based on a royalty program where local partners act and manage relationships between providers and customers. Based on sales made in a predefined geographical area, the franchisee pays a percentage of the turnover as well as an advertising fee.
The entry fee is based upon the consumer base of the geographical area selected. UNeed established the statistical unit used by the EU called NUTS II (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) to establish the consumer base. In Italy, as an example, there are 20 NUTS II corresponding to the 20 regions. Entry fee is achieve established with a value per thousand inhabitants.
No store or shop needed although a physical office is required. We do value the location being in the region’s capital and the office in a business district.
The franchisee will have access to UNeed’s technology, App, backoffice and support. It is expected to attain double digit profitability and a payback in little over than a year.

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Entrepreneur, active, at ease with new technologies and pro-active. Commercial and management skills are welcome. Fluency in English and/or Portuguese is considered a plus. The ability to provide proof of capitalization and/or credit is paramount.

Settore MerceologicoCommercio e Servizi specializzati

Investimento richiestoDa 25.000 a 50.000 euro

Dove cerchiamoCentro Sud
Cina Asia
Emirati Arabi
Est Europa
Nord America
Nord Est
Nord Ovest
Sud America
Tutta Italia
Tutto Estero

Tipo di FranchisingClassic
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